The Fourth Way: An Alternative Future for Social Democracy

A series of different coloured human hands piled on top of each other, as to signify teamwork from a group of people

“I can’t help but believe that in the future we will see in the United States and throughout the Western world an increasing trend toward the next logical step, employee ownership. It is a path that befits a free people.”
— President Ronald Reagan (1987)

The old reinvention of social democracy (1945–2007)

The new reinvention of social democracy (2007- today)

Identifying the long-term problems with the Third Way and its post-recession reinventions

Learning from the past to understand why we’re here

A demonstration of the twin failures of “hard” nationalised, state-centric social democracy and centrally-planned socialism to the “soft” welfarist social democracies of Germany and France

Learning from the past to see the future

What Fourth Way Social Democracy can look like

A diagram explaining the difference between Third and Fourth Way social democratic policy prescriptions




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